Forget the days of tireless spreadsheet analysis, pivot tables, and developer scripts.

If you work with data you know how painful it is to collect & consume business metrics from all channels to make informed decisions.

Maya automatically gathers, stores, analyzes and visualizes your business data from all your platforms in one place.

It’s not just a tool. It’s the toolkit for all your marketing needs.

Maya streamlines your data to insights journey

Simplified Integration

Connect to your platforms with a single click through Maya.

Enhanced Data Management

Automatically normalize and unify your datasets for easy access.

Actionable Insights

Leverage a pre-built, business-user-friendly semantic model for immediate analysis.

See how Maya can
benefit your business


Just connect your advertising, analytics & CRM accounts in one click and we will select the fields and tables that you need, to get the most out of your analysis. We will also make sure to keep your data fresh on a daily basis, to get the latest picture. 

Simply go to your Sources tab, select the Source Accounts you want to connect and collect all of your data in one place, ready to use for any purpose.


Adjust Maya to your business needs by creating custom dimensions for your analysis using our clustering infrastructure.

Categorize your campaigns, conversions, landing pages, queries etc., to get the most out of your data and have an overall view of your marketing performance.


We provide business-ready dashboards built by our industry experts with years of experience in analytics and marketing fields. If this does not work for you, you can always customize them or create your own to match your team’s needs.

Our solution is based on an industry-standard BI tool, Microsoft Power BI, where no steep learning curve is needed since anyone with basic excel knowledge can learn how to use it. 





All necessary data insights and recommendations come to those who need them, when they need them; any growth stakeholder can answer any marketing question, for any segment or dimension and get the answers they need immediately, visually and accurately.



Think of the annual cost of an entry level employee, working in the BI department.

After a rough calculation, you would see that an all-inclusive platform can be a really cost-effective solution for data collection and transformation.



No setup, no additional learning curves, no manual effort, no silos. Measure your KPIs, experiment with different channels and draw valid conclusions.

Loved by our Customers.​

“Maya Insights has been proved to be an effective solution for us, in our effort to collect all the essential data and develop a single point of view. The efficiency our team has gained through the interaction with the platform has led to a better control and in-depth optimization of the campaigns we are running, saving that way valuable time.”

George Todoris
Performance Marketing Director

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Unify it

Begin with the only data integration platform that equips your team to transform complex data into clear insights, enhancing decision-making without slowing down momentum.