Maya for Data Engineers​

Optimize Your Data Infrastructure​

Streamline your data workflows and architectures with Maya’s powerful integration and automation tools.

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Why Data Engineers rely on Maya Insights

  • #1

    More Automation

    Reduce the manual effort for data ingestion and ETL, with pre-made connectors and battle-hardened data models ensuring a seamless flow of up-to-date information for analysis.

  • #2

    More Accuracy

    Improve the accuracy and relevance of your data feeds, ensuring precise and meaningful results.

  • #3

    More Scalability

    Whether you’re managing small datasets or dealing with large-scale data operations, Maya PMM ensures that your BigQuery environment remains efficient and responsive to your evolving requirements.

How Maya Empowers Data Engineers​

Master Your Data Engineering Challenges​

Data Integration

Seamless Data Integration​

Maya streamlines your ETL processes, automating the extraction, transformation, and loading of data into BigQuery. This automation allows you to shift focus from manual data handling to more strategic data analysis efforts, enhancing productivity and insights.

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Data Quality Assurance​

Data you can trust​

With Maya, data loaded into BigQuery is clean and consistent, underpinning reliable insights for informed decision-making. Use Maya’s battle-tested data models, built from marketeers to marketing and growth teams.

Handle large volumes of data​

Maya uses cloud serverless architecture to store and manage data efficiently and with ease. This type of architecture dynamically allocates resources, such as computing power and storage, in order to automatically scale and ensure high availability.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure​

Maya is compatible with Google’s BigQuery, so you can use it without worrying about compatibility or limitations. Unlike other tools, it can work with what you already have in place. This makes it a versatile and flexible tool that can help you manage and analyze your data, no matter how much you have or how complex your infrastructure is.

Internal Alignment​

Easy Data Distribution​

Teams work together on the same datasets, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to insights and decision-making. Maya provides data engineers with a pre-made data schema that they can utilize as a starting point when working with analysts.

“Maya Insights has been proved to be an effective solution for us, in our effort to collect all the essential data and develop a single point of view. The efficiency our team has gained through the interaction with the platform has led to a better control and in-depth optimization of the campaigns we are running, saving that way valuable time.”
George Todoris
Performance Marketing Director

Unify it

Begin with the only data integration platform that equips your team to transform complex data into clear insights, enhancing decision-making without slowing down momentum.