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We’ve been in your shoes. Endless manual tasks and a lot of excel spreadsheet wrangling. Repetitive processes that eat into your day. It’s the marketer’s plight, and it’s not helping creativity. You’ve been there, so have we. That’s precisely why Maya Insights was born.

How we got our start

In the bustling world of digital marketing, I found myself at a crossroads in 2018. Every day felt like a rerun of the one before, filled with endless manual tasks, countless Excel spreadsheets, and the kind of repetitive processes that seemed to drain the creativity right out of marketing. I knew this plight all too well, a common narrative among my peers, and it was far from the vibrant, dynamic career I had envisioned.

During a casual meet-up with fellow marketers, I shared my frustration, igniting a conversation full of shared grievances about the inefficiencies plaguing their work. Amidst the collective discontent, an idea sparked within: What if there was a way to automate these mundane tasks and reclaim the essence of marketing—creativity and strategy?

That very night, fueled by inspiration and a dash of desperation, I envisioned Maya Insights. A platform that could automate the tedious, allowing marketers to focus on innovation and strategy.

Today, Maya Insights is not just a tool but a revolution in marketing, embodying the journey from frustration to innovation. It stands as a testament to the belief in a more strategic, inspired, and efficient approach to marketing, all sparked by a simple idea and a shared frustration.

Meet the faces behind Maya​

Founder & CEO
George Yiannakeas
BI Engineer
Ioannis Nikolakis
Performance & Growth
Stef Hagistefanou
Frontend Engineer
Dimitris Pouris
Data Engineer
Dimitar Bojchev
Data Engineer
Nick Tachmazidis
Growth Marketing Associate
Christoforos Kapsalis
Brand Ambassador
Maya the Dog

Maya Insights Core Values

TRANSPARENCY: Every interaction is grounded in honesty and openness, ensuring clear and authentic communication.

OWNERSHIP: We take full responsibility for our actions, embracing every task with dedication until its completion.

CURIOSITY: A commitment to learning and exploration fuels our growth and innovation.

CREATIVITY: We dare to think differently, challenging norms to discover new solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Maya Insights has been proved to be an effective solution for us, in our effort to collect all the essential data and develop a single point of view. The efficiency our team has gained through the interaction with the platform has led to a better control and in-depth optimization of the campaigns we are running, saving that way valuable time.”
George Todoris
Performance Marketing Director

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