Seamlessly Connect Your Data​

Integrate with your sales, marketing & revenue stack​

✓ Effortlessly connect advertising, analytics, CRM, expense, billing data and send ready to use data into BigQuery.

✓ No-Code needed

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Pre-built Native Data Connectors and Integrations​

Start integrating and using your data quickly and easily with our out-of-the-box integrations. Designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, Maya requires no developer expertise to get started.​

Advertising Data Connectors and Integration​s

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Linkedin Ads
Apple Ads
Bing ads
Quora Ads
TikTok Ads

Analytics Data Connectors and Integration​s

Universal Analytics
Search Console
Google Analytics 4
Google Play
“Maya Insights has been proved to be an effective solution for us, in our effort to collect all the essential data and develop a single point of view. The efficiency our team has gained through the interaction with the platform has led to a better control and in-depth optimization of the campaigns we are running, saving that way valuable time.”
George Todoris
Performance Marketing Director

More Ways to Connect your Data​

Batch CSV Import​

Perfect for major data migrations or periodic bulk updates. Data can be ingested in batch CSV allowing you to integrate extensive datasets, including customer lists and expense reports into Maya with ease.

Scheduled CSV Import​

Perfect for ongoing updates like daily sales figures or weekly expense tracking. Data can be ingested as a scheduled CSV for regular data updates. Set up regular intervals for data import to ensure Maya is always in sync with the latest information.

Ad Hoc files

Have a file you need to upload ? Custom or Offline conversion, users, ads from other channels? Just upload them and Maya will do the rest.

Unify it

Begin with the only data integration platform that equips your team to transform complex data into clear insights, enhancing decision-making without slowing down momentum.