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Built from analytics and marketing experts, Maya automatically collects, combines and analyzes your data to provide business-ready data and dashboards.

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The old way of doing it is to collect a bunch of CSVs from different sources and use some vlookups to combine them in order to create an ad-hoc report and take a decision.
Unfortunately, this is time-consuming to maintain and the result is unreliable due to all the chaos.

The modern way of doing it is to invest in a dedicated team to set up a data infrastructure to collect prepare and analyze the data.
This effort can take up to 1-2 years and in most cases, it is not used at all due to lack of proper modeling, actionable reports and self-service capabilities.

The better way of doing it, is Maya.

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If you just started advertising, you can see that it’s difficult to monitor performance efficiently, across channels.

Now, you can organize your data into meaningful clusters and keep track of your marketing actions in a single platform.

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Professional Plan


Connect all your accounts to Maya and answer the most important questions using insightful reports. Still not enough? Create your own custom dashboards too, and take marketing reporting to the next level.

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Large teams we got you, this plan is for your eyes only. Get multi-source dashboards, priority support, Power BI data model access and gather all your strength for a whole new reporting experience.

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