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Helping companies turn their data into insights.

Future Proof Your Marketing Strategy

Gathering all business data in one place is good, but why stop at a macro level?

The power of Maya lies in effortless switching between a bird-eye view of your entire company data in one place and laser-precision focus on individual aspects of your marketing strategy.

If you ever wanted to see how specific efforts affect the entirety of your business operations, Maya will help.

Get started with Maya in three simple steps.


an account.

Create an account using our sign-up flow. All we need is your name, work email address, and a secure password.


Connect your data

sources & create clusters.

When you’ve finished creating your account, you’ll be asked to connect your advertising & analytics accounts, and also create meaningful clusters for your business.


Make better decisions

every day.

Sit back, relax & get instant access to the most meaningful business & marketing dashboards.

Allocate You Data Resources Right

Does your data budget go into revealing growth-inducing insights or pumping out data for the sake of data?

When using Maya, you know your resource allocation is top-notch.

Replace every data workflow that doesn’t benefit you, optimize time-wasting data routines, and gain powerful business insights on a regular basis.

Streamline your Data Communication

Making correct data decisions is impossible when everyone operates within their own “data bubble”.

Maya brings together data from all tools and services your team uses, creates a single source of truth and closes any communication gap, to drive holistic data decisions that benefit your entire company.

Eliminate Every Inefficient Data Workflow

Data inefficiencies snowball to the point they affect data quality.

Even a single mistake in a manual report renders your data benefits useless. At worse, poor data reverses your growth.

Use Maya to automate routine data tasks, automatically update your data, and save days & weeks wasted on manual reporting.

Ready to get started?

Check our pricing plans below to find the one that suits your team best

Monthly Billing

Annual billing

Starter Plan


If you just started advertising, you can see that it’s difficult to monitor performance efficiently, across channels.

Now, you can organize your data into meaningful clusters and keep track of your marketing actions in a single platform.

Most popular!

Professional Plan


Connect all your accounts to Maya and answer the most important questions using insightful reports.

Still not enough? Create your own custom dashboards too, and take marketing reporting to the next level.

Enterprise Plan


Large teams we got you, this plan is for your eyes only.

Get multi-source dashboards, priority support, Power BI data model access and gather all your strength for a whole new reporting experience.

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