Maya for Marketing Agencies

Optimize Your Data Infrastructure

Make data-driven decisions, optimize campaign performance, and demonstrate value to your clients – all without the hassle of manual reporting. Maya Insights effortlessly integrates diverse data sources into a unified platform, empowering you to bring together all your clients’ data under one umbrella.

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Helping Agencies to Deliver Better Client Results

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Why Agencies Rely on Maya Insights

  • #1

    More Client Satisfaction

    Maya equips your agency with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to deliver deeper insights and more impactful results to your clients.

  • #2

    More Operational Efficiency

    With Maya your agencies can streamline your workflows, from data collection to insight generation. Reduce turnaround time and focus on strategic initiatives that drive client success.

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    More Competitive Services

    Maya provides your agency with a competitive edge by offering advanced data analysis and visualization tools. You can now offer differentiated services and custom reporting, setting you apart in the crowded agency landscape.

How Marketing Agencies Use Maya

Empower Your Marketing with Data-Driven Insights

Data Integration

Enhance Client Reporting

Use Power BI’s familiar environment to create comprehensive reports and dashboards that highlight key performance indicators. Offer your clients clear insights into their data through visually compelling reports, showcasing metrics like engagement growth, campaign effectiveness, and audience insights.

maya client reporting
SEO Report Snapshot
Data Quality Assurance

Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies

Connect marketing efforts directly to sales outcomes, and provide tangible evidence of your campaigns’ impact on the client’s revenue.
Present a clear before-and-after picture of your marketing initiatives, and reinforce the value of your agency’s work.

Internal Alignment

Optimize Campaigns

Tap into data you can trust to monitor and adjust marketing campaigns for optimal performance. Analyze user behavior and campaign results, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that significantly improve campaign effectiveness and ROI for your clients.

“Maya Insights has been proved to be an effective solution for us, in our effort to collect all the essential data and develop a single point of view. The efficiency our team has gained through the interaction with the platform has led to a better control and in-depth optimization of the campaigns we are running, saving that way valuable time.”
George Todoris
Performance Marketing Director

Unify it

Begin with the only data integration platform that equips your team to transform complex data into clear insights, enhancing decision-making without slowing down momentum.