Effortlessly Backup Your Universal Analytics Data

Effortlessly export your last 14 month Universal Analytics(UA) data to BigQuery for free, with a pre-built data model that’s analysis-ready, and visualize your data in Power BI.

No credit card required. No subscription.

Expand to 5 years historical data for a single one-time fee of €300. No hidden costs.

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Universal Analytics Data Sunsets on June 30th, 2024 

Don’t forget to backup your data before it’s gone forever!

Without Maya

  • Export hundreds of CSV, PDF, or spreadsheets
  • Technical expertise required to use Google solutions
  • Data volume constraints with Google solutions
  • Non transparent (volume-based) pricing of other market solutions
  • Google Analytics Reporting API difficult to use and cost
  • Access to raw data difficult to analyse

With Maya

  • Automated, reliable data export process
  • No technical expertise needed
  • No data volume limitations
  • Free solution for last 14 months data, one-off €300 for 5 years
  • BigQuery seamless integration
  • Analysis-ready data model

Check Out Our Live Interactive Demo in Power BI

Universal Analytics Power BI Template

Automated UA Data Backup in Just a Few Clicks

Worried about manually exporting countless reports before UA sunsets? Maya automates the entire process. Simply connect your GA account and we’ll sync your data to your BigQuery, ensuring you will not lose a single insight. Set it and forget it.

Unlock Powerful Insights with a Marketing-Ready Data Model

Raw data is hard to analyze and connect the dots. Maya’s semantic data model transforms your exported data, organizing it into marketing-friendly tables with key measures and dimensions. Slice data across channels, campaigns, product categories and more. It’s like having a marketing analyst structure your data for you.

Visualize UA Metrics in Your Favorite BI Tools

Want to explore your backed up data without coding? Maya seamlessly integrates with popular BI tools like Data Studio and Power BI. Connect your go-to dashboarding platform and instantly visualize critical UA metrics, attribution, and cross-channel performance. No SQL required.

Scale Without the Cost and Complexity

Do you want to bring your own data warehouse? Maya plugs right into your existing BigQuery data warehouse. We provision managed data pipelines to efficiently load UA data into your environment and apply our semantic model. It’s a hassle-free way to centralize UA data with your other sources.

How Maya Works

Simple 3-Step Process to backup your UA data for free

  • #1

    Connect UA and BigQuery

    Link your Universal Analytics property and Google BigQuery instance with just a few clicks in Maya’s intuitive interface.

  • #2

    Automated Data Backup

    Maya extracts and securely archives 100% of your UA data – including events, metrics, dimensions, and more – to your BigQuery warehouse.

  • #3

    Powerful Data Modeling

    Unlike raw data, your backed up UA dataset is automatically structured into Maya’s pre-built, marketing-centric data model – ready for accessible analysis.

Unify it

Don’t let your invaluable Universal Analytics data go to waste. Preserve it and unlock its full potential with Maya’s automated backup and analytics solution.